'Use the Force, Nigel' - Star Wars gaming via thought waves? 13 Jul, 2004, 20:37 / 0 comments reports on forthcoming plans to shop a gaming concept to LucasFilm whereby the game input is controlled via brainwaves.
Steven Barnes: "there is a project that I am working on that would... control the video game with your feelings, instead of with a joystick, literally use the force to control the game ... you would attach sensors to your body and use your feelings to control the game ... I'm part of a project to work with this right now I can't tell you anymore about it but we hopefully will be presenting this to Lucasfilm within a month or so and if this happens we'll probably be announcing it at the Indiana meeting next year [Celebration?] But I don't know if this will happen but I have been telling these people that with their technology with what I know about storytelling that it could be done and that the Star Wars fan would support it if it works"
For all the details, the original source, audio of the interview and info on Steven Barnes, visit the links provided at Further info on the state of harnessing neural waves to control applications can be read here.

Am I the only person envisaging implant chips in gamer's skulls, and Star Wars: Yoda's Force Lift Challenge at the next E3?