Up-and-coming Double Fine actor starts his own YouTube channel 15 Jan, 2019 / 2 comments

It’s catch-up month here at Mojo, and some of you may (or may not) find interest in Double Fine-regular Jack Black’s new video series, "Jablinski." Edited by his son, the videos have a charmingly lo-fi quality, with content more sincere than most of the gaming dreck out there. (Naturally, fans of the latter have taken to their regular channels to whine about . . . I don’t even know what.) Anyway, give it a watch.


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    Melancholick on 16 Jan, 2019, 21:55…
    I don't know much about this Jack Black kid, but he seems like he might have found a nice niche with these newfangled virus-vidiya things.
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    Javier Tolstoi on 15 Jan, 2019, 18:24…
    Just realized how the voice acting of Vernon in Psychonauts resembles the continuous voice-over of the "central scrutinizer" on the 1979 Franz Zappa album trilogy "Joe's Garage". Totally mindblown right now. It's like the were making a tribute or something.
    Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Whatever, I just felt I wanted to write this because ain't we all frickin' extraverts.

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