Total Annihilation 2 Confirmed 20 Mar, 2002, 12:53 / 2 comments

I saw on Shacknews that Korean game developer Phantagram is working on a sequel to Cavedog's RTS game "Total Annihilation," due out in 2004.

Cavedog was a game company started by Ron Gilbert a few years back. I believe it was sister companies with Gilbert's Humongous Entertainment, creators of kids games Putt Putt and Pajama Sam. It's 100% unlikely that Gilbert has anything to do with Total Annihilation 2, though.


  • ZeroXcape on 21 Mar, 2002, 06:46…
    wow, the plot thickens some more
  • SrpskiPrinc on 20 Mar, 2002, 15:31…
    You spelled the url as "", change it to