Tiny Pooping Popeye-like Leprechaun 13 Jul, 2002, 21:33 / 6 comments

Luckily, Double Fine's website got an update today. Though it has nothing to do with their upcoming game Psychonauts, it does tell the terrible tale of Tim Schafer's soiled parmesan cheese packet and the (tiny, hypothetical) beast that may be responsible.
Inside I find all these little, plastic tubs that the pizza guy brought years ago--still filled with parmesan cheese, and chili flakes. (Not the gross part yet.) One of them has spilled, and so I pick it up, and see that the lid had been CHEWED OFF BY SOMETHING WITH A LITTLE, TINY MOUTH!
There is a game being worked on in there somewhere, we're sure. But, until that comes out this serves as more than enough entertainment. Clickeh.


  • QueZTone on 14 Jul, 2002, 06:38…
    and yet im offended by the p word
  • mxbx on 14 Jul, 2002, 03:25…
    The fun thing about these guys is that they make games, yet they also are skilled writists that I hold in the highest of esteem. Tandem and gentility aside, I think I may wish to write someday a verse about them. I like to think it would read:
    Oh, Double-deedee! Oh, Double-deeda! /
    We ride on dragons, merrily, /
    And twice again we count to three /
    Oh, Double-de- wooops, I've spoil't.
  • twifkak on 14 Jul, 2002, 09:05…
    Impressive verse *coyeahrightugh*. Writists?
  • mxbx on 14 Jul, 2002, 12:51…
    Meguesses you're unfamiliar with verse spun with merriment? For shame! Allow me to alleviate your woeful shamings with a quote from a book filled to the brims with nothing but quotes about verse: "When one is quite pleased with Great Occurences, one might often find himself, suddenly and quite spontaneously, breaking into a fanciful song or verse. These songs or verses, spun with an etherealness that can only be brought about by blind joviality, are, for all intents and purposes, not good. This isn't to say they are bad, as they aren't. Not in the least. In fact, the very verses I love most tenderly are good-natured impulse-verses. In tandem now,

    Marvelous friends are we. /
    Diddly doo, diddly dee. /
    Flying above the sea. /
    Diddly da and filled with glee.

    So as you see, even I am capable of quick, fanciful verse or song. While it is true that these verses are most thoroughly enjoyed with friends over the course of an evening's meal, it often becomes necessary to share them with others." - Author's name intelligible, but dated 7/64.

    Anyway, this book I got is a real treat and don't be surprised if I quote from it liberally and conservatively, in tandem.
  • Oystein on 14 Jul, 2002, 02:20…
    These guys are hilarious. I mailed them a couple a days ago asking about Tim's toothbrush. And they actually replied that it was blue and white and that he kept it in his desk drawer.
  • telarium on 13 Jul, 2002, 21:57…
    This just goes on to prove my theory that everything these guys do revolves around coffee in some way. Or maybe that applies to anyone who works in an office.