Tim goes Beyond Good & Evil 10 Feb, 2016 / 0 comments

If you're a smart little catfish you've probably been watching Double Fine's "Devs Play" on Youtube for some time now. While terrific, the series is not usually germane enough for us to highlight here on the incredibly crowded front page, but I really must acknowledge the latest episode, in which Tim asks Michel Ancel questions about Beyond Good & Evil while Double Fine producer Greg Rice plays said seminal masterpiece:


Tim Schafer as good at teasing out some great anecdotes from Ancel including that the famously polite Miyamoto was kind of a dick in his assessment of the game at E3, and how one of the game's hovercraft was modeled after the limo in Full Throttle. There's also a good story about a naked Italian man. Better than mine, anyhow.

For his part, Schafer draws a spiritual connection between the game and the Psychonauts franchise. And fails to coax out a release date for Beyond Good & Evil 2.


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