Tim expands trophy collection with Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences honor 09 Feb, 2023 / 1 comment

That young upstart Tim Schafer is starting to make waves in the industry. How else do you account for the fact that the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences will be inducting him into their Hall of Fame at the upcoming DICE Awards? The details are right here, should you find yourself in Vegas two weeks from now.

As a matter of trivia, Tim was very nearly inducted into the Mojo Hall of Fame™, but in the end the votes just weren't there. I'm usually against calling people out by name, but let's just say Thrik's spite over the cat track puzzle has a shocking half-life.

Congratulations, Tim!

Source: AIAS


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    ThunderPeel2001 on 10 Feb, 2023, 15:56…
    Hurrah. Congrats to Tim!

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