Tim Schafer improves on Fallon, appears on podcast 25 Oct, 2009, 14:41 / 0 comments

After setting the late-night scene on fire Tim Schafer has now directed his ability to talk towards 1up's new podcast, 4 Guys 1 Up.

Tim joins the regular cast for a lengthy discussion about the gaming scene, with plenty of Brutal Legend thrown in too. Wondered how Double Fine came up with all those achievements for the game? It's been driving me crazy, and thanks to this podcast I now know. Tim also talks about his experiences of playing the Brutal multiplayer mode online, and shares his opinion on the recent remake of his first game, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, which he's been playing on his phone. (Guess which mode he prefers.)

The good news for fans of Brutal Legend is that some Heavy Metal DLC sounds possible, although of course nothing can be confirmed. For that we'll have to wait for an announcement on Twitter hyping up an announceme-- oh, wait, scratch that. Sometimes I forget he doesn't work for LucasArts anymore.

So download the podcast! I've not listened to the whole thing, so who knows what other gems are waiting to be found.

Update by Kroms: Tim Schafer interview on Fox News.

Source: 4 Guys 1 Up via Twilo