Tim Says, "Vote Grim," Disses Jane Jensen 01 Mar, 2004, 23:18 / 3 comments

The Double Fine action news encourages you to go vote for Grim Fandango in that GameSpy game face-off title fight thing. Currently, Grim is pretty much destroying its competition, Gabriel Knight 2. The Tim Schafer, creator of Grim, has this to say about the fight:
The Gabriel Knight lady is really nice, I have heard. But tell me, has she ever given you any... FREE COMICS? Hmmm? Double Fine has given you THREE FREE COMICS so far. How many have you gotten from the makers of Gabriel Knight? Probably less than that. Or fewer than that. Whichever is correct. Okay, maybe some comics came free with the game, but I'm asking you what has the Gabriel Knight lady done for you LATELY?
In other news, "Double Fine action comics" is now up to their third comic, so you'd better go read them.


  • Jayel on 03 Mar, 2004, 23:11…
    I just know Chrono Trigger will kick Grim's butt.
    Curse consoles and their broad userbase.
  • Marek on 01 Mar, 2004, 18:38…
    Whoah, Jane Jensen responds!

    (okay, so that's not actually true ... but wouldn't it be FUN?! I really miss the .plan repartee of the old days.)
  • Entity on 01 Mar, 2004, 20:19…
    That would be cool.