Tim Ready for Psychonauts to Strike Back 12 Nov, 2010 / 8 comments

Tim has been quoted in the latest PSM3 as saying he's ready to create a sequel to Psychonauts.

I'm ready to do it. I'd love to do it. It's really a question of getting a publisher who's interested in doing it.

I hear LucasArts and Gabez have some free publishing slots, maybe one of them would be willing to lend a hand. Link at the end of the post.
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    Capn_Nacho on 14 Nov, 2010, 06:35…


    a sequel to Grim in the style of GTA

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    Melancholick on 13 Nov, 2010, 06:31…
    Episodic DLC, dammit.
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    Icebox on 13 Nov, 2010, 05:32…
    Did anyone else get the December EGM? He mentioned something in their interview about wanting to do a sequel to Grim in the style of GTA. Scans would be beloved.
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    Bad Asp! on 12 Nov, 2010, 17:37…
    Sweet! Now when's the PC version of the original gonna be free on Steam again?
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    Capn_Nacho on 12 Nov, 2010, 16:33…
    I've always been crass about the idea of a sequel to Psychonauts (I guess I don't see the point?) but I'd be totally stoked to get to play one anyway. There's no way it could be anything less than great. Probably even awesome!
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    Sp0tted on 12 Nov, 2010, 12:23…
    I want it on the PC, but I would be willing to buy a console simply to play this game.
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    tredlow on 12 Nov, 2010, 11:22…
    There better be a PC version.
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    Glo_kidd on 12 Nov, 2010, 04:46…
    Tim Schafer...Do a Sequel? Consider my mind blown :P
    Yes Please!!!

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