Tiller reveals more Vampyre plans 07 Nov, 2006, 03:50 / 2 comments

In a new interview at Cubed?, Autumn Moon's Bill Tiller reveals some of the company's forthcoming plans.

Given the furore over the throwaway Wii comments Telltale Games made a month or two back, it will be interesting to see what kind of commotion this statement causes;
The Nintendo Wii controller interface is definitely unique and fun. I could definitely see where we could do some innovative GUI and interactivity and puzzles. I think the Wii is the next step in gaming and I'm really excited by it. Again, I can?t make any promises, but we do have plans to pursue and research the possibility of making a version of A Vampyre Story on the Wii.
Lots of info on the company, their current plans and the progress of A Vampyre Story in the full interview.
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  • counting_pine on 08 Nov, 2006, 22:21…
    No curly-Q clouds? Screw that.

    Well, I had doubts, but it looks like the game's actually going to become a reality. That's pretty exciting.
  • Udvarnoky on 08 Nov, 2006, 20:27…
    Remember everyone, Bill Tiller just PROMISED it would be on the Wii. Store that in the ol' memory bank for when he betrays us.