Tidbits on the Walking Dead 18 Feb, 2011 / 4 comments

With all the Jurassic Park excitement, a few tidbits are also out there about The Walking Dead games, courtesy of IGN. And yes, that's games plural: Apparently we're talking a "multi-year, multi-platform, multi-title" deal here. Exactly what that means seems to be up in the air, but it sort of sounds like platform specific titles might be a possibility. A pluralized URL is also active, though it currently points to TTG:

Read more at IGN where they talk to Robert Kirkman, the comic book writer responsible for the franchise.

To editorialize: Hopefully TTG can keep the art style of the comics intact as well as the nerve of the TV series. And then write brand new dialogue. Because lord knows that's needed.


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    Bloody_Eugene on 18 Feb, 2011, 21:09…
    Seems that IGN announced the other 3 projects : King's Quest, Puzzle Agent 2, and More Hector: Badge of Carnage

    here's the link:
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    Capn_Nacho on 18 Feb, 2011, 18:21…


    I can't say a single good thing about the TV series

    The cinematography, and very occasionally the direction, is very pretty and usually pretty tight. That, I think, is the only good thing. I hate the comics too, though.


    And then write brand new dialogue. Because lord knows that's needed.

    Amen to that.

    I've been wondering myself just how a Walking Dead game by Telltale will even work. Will it have shooting mechanics? I can't imagine it working without the split-second tension of lining up a shot to the head...
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    Remi on 18 Feb, 2011, 17:01…
    Nerve means tensity. Personal opinions aside, it's probably the reason 6 million people watched the season finale of the show.

    That's twice the number a critically acclaimed show like Mad Men pulls in, so hard to blame TTG for wanting to take advantage of this property.
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    TestType on 18 Feb, 2011, 16:42…
    He mention's that "it'll take place in the comic book world" which is a little more promising, but I'm still very skeptical about Telltale pulling off anything meaningful from the subject material of the comic. Maybe Telltale is trying to go in new directions with their gameplay style which would be great. In any case it will be interesting to see how the final product turns out.

    I can't say a single good thing about the TV series and am a bit mystified about the "nerve" MrManager is referring to. The TV show was way tamer than the comic book and hasn't gone into any of the dark territories of the comic, even shied away from them by completely changing the story.

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