The wait for those Sam & Max figures is [at some point going to be] over! 20 Feb, 2019 / 2 comments

It seems like only last freaking May that Boss Fight Studios announced their license to produce collectible Sam & Max figurines. Seeing as it's the only upcoming Sam & Max thing in existence, you'd think I'd be more grateful for the fact that we can keep dragging the coverage out.

But not for much longer! Earlier this week, the full Sam & Max toyline was finally unveiled, and I have to say it looks pretty rad. Furthermore, "These premium action figures will be offered in attractive window box packaging with new illustrations and a new comic strip by creator Steve Purcell!" New comic? I guess there are more Sam & Max things to look forward to after all.

The bad news: the release date is "TBD" 2019. The good news: Zaarin assures us that he's got just enough window caulk to keep the Mojo servers humming until TBD, give or take a downtime.

Source: http://www.actionfigureinsider



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    Scummbuddy on 22 Feb, 2019, 02:56…
    While I agree with Laserschwert, it won't be stopping me from getting these...TBD 2019.
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    Laserschwert on 20 Feb, 2019, 17:03…
    I hate those joints. They make them look like the mecha versions of Sam and Max.

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