The rotting corpses of The Walking Dead are leaking footage! 20 Mar, 2012 / 9 comments

Don't watch if you don't like spoilers!

Update: You're too late! It's gone!

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    Laserschwert on 22 Mar, 2012, 19:56…
    Still here:,46682,2566045.html
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    Shmargin on 21 Mar, 2012, 13:18…

    Jones Jr

    Try this one while it is still there...

    Thanks, game looks really cool. Gameplay still seems a little similar to JP, but with more direct control mixed in, which might be enough. Even though there would be obvious connections, I was kinda hoping this game would use a control scheme somewhat similar to Resident Evil, and it looks like it may in some ways.

    I didnt watch the whole 10 minute video, only about half. I was afraid. Not of the zombies, but because I've run into a couple TTG episodes that I beat in 20 minutes. Didnt want to see the whole first half :)
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    Jones Jr on 21 Mar, 2012, 11:31…
    Try this one while it is still there...
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    AlfredJ on 21 Mar, 2012, 10:26…
    They played the 360 version, so I have no idea about the mouse+keyboard controls (modern Telltale games are meant to be played with gamepads anyway). You move Lee around with the left control stick in 'exploration mode' (as seen in Sam & Max season 3, Wallace & Gromit and Back to the Future), and the right stick controls a crosshair (as seen in Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle) with the A, B, X and Y-buttons mapped to different actions The Y-button usually serves as a 'Look At'-button, the X-button as 'Use', I think the A-button was used as 'Kick' once or twice (once on a zombie, once on a window). Can't remember if he ever used the X-button, but I imagine that would open up your inventory to use with whatever you're looking at (if the game has an inventory, that is.
    In 'action mode' you can still control Lee with the left control stick (depending on what's happening, like quickly crouching away from a zombie or whatever), and actual violent actions (like kicking a zombie in the face) take the form of QTE's, but they don't seem to be like the long QTE-sequences of Jurassic Park. Lee doesn't really seem like an invincible action hero, like the characters in JP. It's more a case of 'kick zombie, get out'.
    Dialogue options are also mapped to the A, B, X and Y-buttons. A timer seems to be running down, so you appear to have a limited amount of time to make a choice. I don't know what happens when the timer reaches zero.
    Seems much more like an adventure game than Jurassic Park was, while still trying to have some sort of action scenes in the game. Oh, and the player hardly ever used the left stick to move Lee, he just moved the crosshair around the screen, which also moved the camera in the direction the player moved the crosshair, so chances are that pc-players can play it as a more traditional point & click, as opposed to WASD'ing all the time.

    It also looked very, very good.
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    jp-30 on 21 Mar, 2012, 02:32…
    What was the control system? Not all Jurassic Park style Quicktime events, are they?
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    Sopabuena on 21 Mar, 2012, 02:05…
    Bah, it's gone... too bad. It looke pretty good and actually fun, I will be getting this
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    AlfredJ on 20 Mar, 2012, 20:43…
    Wow, that looks pretty amazing. Makes you wonder what Fables and King's Quest are going to look like. Looks like Telltale upped their game.
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    Zaarin on 20 Mar, 2012, 19:23…
    Would explain Bosco's paranoid tendencies.
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    Remi on 20 Mar, 2012, 19:15…
    I think it looks good. Very good in fact. Just too bad the main character sounds like Bosco. :~

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