The Wolf Among Us 2: What could have been, but thankfully wasn't 21 Dec, 2018 / 3 comments

It's no secret that The Wolf Among Us likely ranks as Mojo's favorite post Rodkin-era Telltale game, and the sequel was reservedly anticipated around these parts. Then, of course, Telltale did what it did, and here we are, Wolf-less, which might not be a bad thing if Eurogamer is anything to go by:

The Wolf Among Us' second season was one such casualty of Telltale's closure. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed adaptation of Bill Willingham's Fables series, Wolf Among Us 2 barely got started, so small and lacking in budget was the team working on it. "[The budget was] shoe-string, even by Telltale standards," said an ex-staff member. "Everybody knew Wolf 1 was a critical success, but not a commercial hit. I think people came into it realising they were making a boutique product. At one point the season was going to be three episodes."

Well, then . . . Another little tidbit:

"If something like The Walking Dead: Season Two did a fraction of sales of the first season, and the Michonne mini-series tanked, what made people think Season Three, let alone Season Four, was a good idea? After The Walking Dead: Season One, very few people from creative had any say about what projects the studio took on."

The hits just keep on coming.

Source: Eurogamer



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    Bloody_Eugene on 30 Dec, 2018, 13:34…

    That's what Lionsgate wanted with the supershow but Bruner never gave.
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    Jones Jr on 28 Dec, 2018, 10:51…
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    Bloody_Eugene on 25 Dec, 2018, 21:31…
    Emily Buck said this article is full of errors, as she was into the Wolf team:
    "I don’t really want to give this @ComicBook article clicks, but it’s almost astounding how inaccurate it is. Games take a long time to make, not having video doesn’t mean it wasn’t in production. And changing release format isn’t necessarily bad. I don’t know who @Eurogamer talked to about Wolf Among Us S2, and I don’t feel comfortable commenting on it... but that’s partially an incomplete story and partially just dead wrong/inaccurate. Since the layoff, many telltale employees have been constantly hounded for comments about working at the company- especially about canceled games. I’ve seen very little care or concern from journalists about whether those former employees were even there at the end. When you’re hounded by journalists over and over for monthes asking for statements, at the same time you’re growing more and more frustrated that you can’t find a job, you’re more likely to give some kind of statement... even if it’s incomplete or ill informed."

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