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The Votes For The Five Amnesia Fortnight Games Are In

26 Nov, 2012, 12:06 | Posted by: Jennifer

The Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle Votes Have Been Cast, and the four pitches to become prototype games have been decided:

Hack n' Slash led by Brandon Dillon: an action-adventure (2D Zelda-style) where a young elf uses her hacking skills to cheat her way through.

Spacebase DF-9 led by JP LeBreton: a simulation game where you build a space base where aliens can live and work, and watch interesting stories emerge from their simulated lives.

The White Birch led by Andy Wood: an ambient platform game (in the style of Ico or Journey) in which a young girl climbs a tower to escape a dark, hazardous forest.

Autonomous led by Lee Petty: a first person perspective construction and action game where you where you collect primitives and energy to build self-directed automatons to both explore and survive the hazardous environment of the futuristic "junkyard world".

Also, make sure to check the Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Humble Bundle site at 2PM PST today, where Double Fine will have a live stream going.

Update: The list of games being made into prototypes has expanded to five! The additional pitch being made into a prototype game is:

Black Lake led by Levi Ryken: an action-adventure where you track animals trough a folk tale forest and purge evil from their dreams which have spilled out into the world.

For those who missed the voting period, you can still donate to the bundle and get the five new prototypes, and prototypes for Costume Quest and Happy Song (which became Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster). If you donate more than the average (currently $7.22 USD), you'll also get the prototype of the stop-motion and Monster Hunter inspired RPG Brazen.

What does everyone else think about this?

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    Comment by: Jennifer | Posted 04 Dec, 2012, 23:11 | Quote
    Yeah, Black Lake was my favorite pitch too. I'm really interested to see how that one turns out. I was also interested in Echelon, but I'm not surprised that most people weren't interested in voting for a sound-based text adventure
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    Comment by: haydenwce27 | Posted 30 Nov, 2012, 16:53 | Quote
    As far as updates go, this is a darned good one. I actually thought that 'Black Lake' looked like the best one of the lot, so I'm glad to hear that it'll be made; it would be a shame for the concept to simply be forgotten forever.

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