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The Mojo Psychonauts 2 Pledge Goals

29 Dec, 2015, 06:19 | Posted by: Remi

I mean, all of you -- all three of you -- had expected this: the Mojo Psychonauts 2 Pledge Goals!

As usual, we are pimping out Jason, and this time he graciously agreed to perform Coach's intro speech in Psychonauts in French! OK, he didn't agree to this, and I only assume he knows French because he's in Louisiana, but either way… Thanks Jason! All we ask, is that you make this a $3.5 million pledge, and Jason will do his thing, as he always does.

For now, we have galleries and videos from the original game for you to enjoy, many which you probably haven't watched before. More importantly, though, support Jason in his quest to get this done!

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