The Jedi Who Cried, "Wolf" 13 Mar, 2002, 14:25 / 0 comments

According to, two sources have indicated that Jedi Outcast went gold yesterday and is now waiting on the LucasArts PR department to make the official announcement. Of course, at this point, I'll believe it when I see it. Don't forget that Lucas Online members can view the second trailer for this new game tonight after 6pm PST at this location.

Update: has the following info from GoneGold:
You may as well call this one "gold" folks, although LucasArts is actually saying... "Not just yet.". According to Tom Sarris, the game will not go gold today, but will indeed finish up either tomorrow or Friday the latest. When will we see it on shelves? March 28th Tom says. :D Super news.
That basically confirms what said, but attempts to ground it with some better sources.