The Autumn Moon Blog 2.0 12 Feb, 2009, 00:05 / 2 comments

Sick of trying to update the former Autumn Moon blog on the company's official site, Bill Tiller decided to just make a Wordpress blogspot Autumn Moon blog with the implication that it will be updated more frequently. Being brand new, it currently only has some scandalizing photos from the A Vampyre Story wrap party, but keep your eyes peeled.

In other Autumn Moon news, in-house artist Jean-Louis Sirois has once again updated his own blog with some more never-before-seen AVS concept art. One entry presents a rendering of Shrowdy von Kiefer while another offers a bunch of additional character sketches. He also unexpectedly posted a bizarre doodle of none other than Raz from Psychonauts, which is awesome.


  • Remi O on 13 Feb, 2009, 03:12…
    A WordPress blog at Blogger. Impressive!
  • neon_git on 12 Feb, 2009, 14:58…
    That wrap party looks and sounds like it was awesome.

    It's good to know that Bill finally got the chance to get hideously drunk after all his hard work. It's a privilege that we all too often take for granted.