The Art of Brütal Legend will rock your bookshelves next month 10 Nov, 2009, 17:24 / 2 comments

So apparently there's this The Art of Brütal Legend coffee-table book, which is coming out in December if is to be believed.

Go get your pre-order on. Or wait for it to be released. The choice... is yours.

Thanks to elTee on IRC for the tip!


  • clone2727 on 10 Nov, 2009, 18:44…
    As long as I have my coffee-table book on coffee-tables.
  • elTee on 11 Nov, 2009, 11:46…
    Yeah I have that one, it's a great book. When I moved house I found my new place didn't have a coffee table, so I folded the legs out of the book and used that - what a book.