Telltale tells more tales 26 Oct, 2004, 23:46 / 1 comment

Everone's new favourite developer with no actual releases yet, Telltale Games, has just been interviewed at Total Video Games. While those charting every move these ex-LucasArts employees make may find little new information, any news is good news.
"In general I?m excited about recent developments in the adventure genre, the merger of cool licenses with the point and click mechanic makes total sense. The mechanic is so elegantly simple and accessible; it?s a great way to introduce the mass audience to the genre and gaming in general. There is also this feeling of, lets stop complaining about the state of adventure games and instead let?s solve the freakin problem.
Check out the full interview with Tellale's Dan Connors.


  • Scummbuddy on 27 Oct, 2004, 00:33…
    what a great line: "solve the freakin' problem!" yeah for all the new companies.