Telltale stuffs and mounts TMI and Sam & Max as a tribute to their legacy 11 Sep, 2017 / 3 comments

I actually started reading this Eurogamer interview with Telltale's Job Stauffer when it was published. "Started" being the operative word -- how many "laughs" can you take in an article after all?

@fantasticleak16 is clearly a smarter person than I, as (s)he dug up some interesting information toward the end. Asked about doing another Monkey Island or Sam & Max, Stauffer gave a firm no, an explanation...

It is a proud part of Telltale's legacy, but not really part of Telltale's future.

... before he killed your puppy.

Dumping Monkey Island is not really much of a surprise -- I have no clue what DisneyArts's intentions are with the property -- but I'm surprised Sam & Max is off the table. The property pretty much launched Telltale (with all respect to Texas Hold'em and Bone).

The question now, I suppose, is if anybody else is circling around the Sam & Max property.



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    AlfredJ on 11 Sep, 2017, 23:06…
    I won't say surprised is the right word for me. Unless Sam & Max gets a multi million dollar movie franchise, I can't see modern Telltale being interested.

    As for Campo Santo picking it up: that would be fun, but I think I'd rather see them continue making original stuff. Maybe Double Fine would be a good fit? I feel like the Lucas Remaster train has finally stopped for them, but man I'd be great if they could do Hit the Road, followed by a new game. Get a couple of the old devs like Chuck Jordan and Mike Stemmle in there, along with a couple of DF's young and eager designers, and let them hammer out a steady stream of adventure games while the main crew is making the bigger stuff.

    I can't think of any other studio I'd want to touch one of the old Lucas classics really. Even though Sam & Max was a comic first. I kind of want that old connection there. I can't see Ron doing it - if they go back to the old games, surely Maniac/Monkey/Zak would be their choices.
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    Jason on 11 Sep, 2017, 22:32…
    Telltale did right by Sam & Max back in the day, time for the next scrappy developer to do the same. And Campo Santo literally has "scrappy" in its self-description.
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    GodzillaX8 on 11 Sep, 2017, 22:04…
    Telltale don't care about making good games. They care about what they can crank out quick and dirty for maximum profit. At this point, I wouldn't want them to touch Sam & Max or Monkey Island.

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