Telltale releases two Jurassic Park Ep. 2 screenshots 22 Aug, 2011 / 4 comments

That happened a few days ago, but we're telling you about it now. You'll take these belated images and like it, mister:


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    Ascovel on 23 Aug, 2011, 13:38…
    That's kind of really weird. I wonder how the game (games?) will be reviewed in the media with instant access to them all.
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    Kroms on 23 Aug, 2011, 10:40…
    Four "episodes" in one day? Why not just release them all as one big game, then? :/

    Pretty screenshots, though.
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    AlfredJ on 23 Aug, 2011, 07:42…
    I guess it's also worth mentioning that they're only releasing 4 episodes now instead of 5, and that they're all coming out on the same day. Sounds weird, I know, but it was confirmed by a Telltale guy on their forums.
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    Shmargin on 23 Aug, 2011, 04:47…
    Ill buy em for my free ipad 2.

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