Telltale continues to expand 07 Nov, 2005, 21:04 / 6 comments

In a new article by Next Generation, Telltale CTO Kevin Bruner talks about the company's business model and while it's mostly more of the same the company's future prospects are really exciting:

Looking a few years down the road, Bruner has big plans for the company and for properties that are ignored in today's market. "I hope we're bringing out a new game every month on a number of different franchises and making the television metaphor really work. We want to be a channel like HBO or Bravo and really seeing licenses that don't play well right now in the game space, find a home at Telltale.

The article also states the company is currently made up of 20 people, and will expand to 30 to meet the demands of working on the Sam & Max game alongside Bone episode 2. You read now.

Thanks to jp-30 for finding the article


  • itchythesamurai on 08 Nov, 2005, 03:55…
    Yay for Sam & Max! They had me worried there.
  • jp-30 on 08 Nov, 2005, 02:12…
    Story is Slashdotted.

    // Cue general cynicsm //
  • Gabez on 08 Nov, 2005, 14:51…
    "Telltale, the maker of interactive stories such as Monkey Island and Grim Fandango" :~
  • Udvarnoky on 09 Nov, 2005, 00:42…
    Hahaha yeah.
  • jp-30 on 08 Nov, 2005, 00:26…
    Oooh. Thanks for the credit.
  • Gabez on 07 Nov, 2005, 22:00…
    Sounds great... onward and upward I say.

    Hello LucasArts mark II!