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Telltale Texas Hold'em 2 imminent?

15 May, 2009, 19:48 | Posted by: Jason
Telltale's new poker-oriented survey sure seems to suggest it. Telltale Texas Hold'em was the company's first and for now only casual game, although in the past they've hinted that they might make more at some point. Hopefully if that ever happens they'll do something with more variety than just a bunch of poker games, but for now a Texas Hold'em sequel is fine with me. Oh, and if you take that survey you get the original game for free.
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What does everyone else think about this?

  • Comment by: ThunderPeel2001 | Posted 17 May, 2009, 15:33
    You know, I'd really like a Black Jack simulation to be included... it'd be so easy to do.
  • Comment by: Gabez | Posted 17 May, 2009, 15:35
    Heh. I read that as "Jack Black."

    A cross-over with Brutal Legend, perhaps.
  • Comment by: jp-30 | Posted 16 May, 2009, 10:09
    Sweet, I never bought that so this should be fun.

    Also I voted "Dogs playing Poker"
  • Comment by: The Tingler | Posted 16 May, 2009, 10:12
    I went with Unprofessional Poker, but that was good too.
  • Comment by: clone2727 | Posted 16 May, 2009, 20:16
    I went with Unprofessional Poker too ;)
  • Comment by: Kroms | Posted 16 May, 2009, 08:22
    Done! :)
  • Comment by: laceyware | Posted 15 May, 2009, 22:23
    Free game? I'm there!
  • Comment by: Diduz | Posted 15 May, 2009, 21:57
    Best news ever, I adore Telltale Texas Hold'em! :-)))))

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