Telltale! 11 Feb, 2008, 04:41 / 0 comments

A few Telltale related things you should probably know about, and would have by now if I'd felt like typing them before:

  • A limited edition Sam & Max statue figure will be coming out courtesy of Symbiote Studios. For some mouth-watering concept drawings of what the final product will look like, check out their blog. No word yet on a release date.
  • Telltale's going to WonderCon next week! If you plan on attending, or if you just like making yourself miserable, check out their extensive show plans.
  • Telltale's been the feature of a few recent internet articles, including "Games Changers" in which Dan Connors is honored as a reshaper of the games business, a new interview with Steve Purcell from Finalboss, and a Q&A with Brendan Ferguson by Gametap about Night of the Raving Dead, out in two to three days!
  • As the lovable Zaarin recently pointed out, Telltale's reprint of Surfin' the Highway is finally upon us. The paperback version is shipping now, whereas the limited edition hardcover is sadly due out "Spring 2008." Also, Steve Purcell seems to approve of the book.
Enjoy! Of course, you knew all this already if you are a frequenter of Telltale's web site, which you really should be, because they're on the ball with supplying their own coverage to an extent that negates the need for a fan site. Still, we're caught up now, I think.