Summer of Sam & Max - Week 8 28 Jul, 2007, 17:38 / 5 comments

Telltale has posted this week's update, it being the fourth and final part of their wicked cool History of Sam & Max feature: "After Darkness Comes the Light."

Be warned that this chapter of the freelance police backstory is the one with all the scary stuff in it, and so may be unsuitable for any who can't face a cancellation laden past. Included are rare details and concept art from the largely mysterious Infinite Machine game, including insight by Chuck Jordan, former team member of that game and currently on the team of Sam & Max: Season 2. And of course, for the real masochist, there's a bit of insider divulging on the more widely mourned Freelance Police.

But those who brave through it will reach a very uplifting conclusion...the duo's unending success in the here and now! When summer was first invented, there's no way anyone could have known that it would lead to this.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and read this little exchange of questions and answers between 1up and Dave Grossman about Season 2. Don't miss it, or else you will!


  • McScurvy on 29 Jul, 2007, 16:18…
    ?I remember that we spent a good bit of time trying to figure out how to do shooting without over-complicating the targeting interface, before we remembered that it's Sam & Max, and accuracy is kind of irrelevant?.

    He?s right, you could probably build a damn hilarious game around Sam & Max just shooting wildly (signs, buildings, each other) while managing to kill/blow up everything in sight.

    I?m looking forward to Season 2 (still need to buy a copy of 1); just hope there are more Episode 5?s and less Episode 3?s.
  • Sp0tted on 29 Jul, 2007, 11:56…
    I always wondered why more stuff didn't leak on the 'net from Infinite Machine and Freelance Police. Especially if Freelance Police was that far into production. I know they are serious legal implications, but weren't many employees pissed off and maybe not thinking rationally?
  • Jake on 29 Jul, 2007, 15:17…
    Instead of leaking information online, they put that energy into starting a game company.
  • neon_git on 29 Jul, 2007, 16:02…
    I hate it when people do something constructive.
  • MrSneeze on 29 Jul, 2007, 18:04…
    Yeah, it gives under-achievers a bad name.