Summer of Sam & Max - Week 4 26 Jun, 2007, 23:13 / 0 comments

And as promised, this week we're presented a continuation of Telltale's "History of Sam & Max" piece. Dubbed "The Golden Era", this second of four parts documents the peak years of the tumultuous, tear-jerking (and drying and re-jerking) story that is Sam & Max, and included is a brand-spanking new interview with Steve Purcell and Mike Stemmle. You guys must have been exceptionally well behaved while I wasn't looking.

Additionally, the Telltale Season 1 disc will be coming out later this week. For a sneak peak of the cover and insert art, check out Jake's most recent blog entry if you haven't already.

What separates other summers from this summer might involve more than just Sam & Max, but nothing really consequential.