Strong Bad being delisted 31 May, 2023 / 1 comment

A bit of a bummer this morning: Telltale is delisting Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People from Steam; it appears to have already disappeared off of GOG.

Telltale announced the delisting on the game's Steam page—not standard practice in the games industry, but appreciated—explaining: "We no longer have the rights to the IP and so we can no longer sell or support the game series."

It's unclear how long the game will remain available for, so, if you've been holding off for whatever reason, grab it now.

Reported rumours of physical media purists in the wild saying, "I told you so!" remain unconfirmed. If spotted, proceed with caution.


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    JonesJr on 02 Jun, 2023, 02:11…
    While it would be fun to say "I told you so!", the rights expiration would have affected Telltale's ability to sell physical media too, so its a moot point :)

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