Steve Purcell posts his first concepts for the TMI cover painting 11 Oct, 2009, 16:19 / 4 comments

Steve Purcell is now showing off on his blog his three initial concept sketches for the Tales of Monkey Island cover painting.

(Yes, we know this post is a week late. But here at Mojo we like to say that slow and steady wins the Cheese Squigglies.)

Interestingly, Purcell writes that he was never satisfied with his drawing of Elaine on the Secret of Monkey Island cover. In fact, his pencil layout drawing for the MI1 cover shows that he redrew Elaine, taping a cutout of her revised figure on top of the paper.

(And if you've never visited Purcell's blog, don't forget to check out all the posts under the Pirates label, which includes some character concept art he did for The Curse of Monkey Island, as well as storyboards for an "unidentified" pirate film.)

Source: Spudvision



  • Icebox on 11 Oct, 2009, 17:00…
    I like the middle one the best.
  • Jeff on 11 Oct, 2009, 17:32…
    Yeah, I think the one in the middle would have looked good finished. I still like the official one though.
  • Capn_Nacho on 12 Oct, 2009, 00:42…
    I am guessing part of the issue with the middle one (apart from Steve's comment that the one he went with was the first he did and his favorite) is that it is a bit too reminiscent of the cover to CMI, if only aesthetically. The overall palette is very similar, they operate on almost the same diagonal compositionally, and they both involve bow/crow's-nest hijinx. That said, it's my favorite, too, but I also like the one he went with just fine.
  • Icebox on 12 Oct, 2009, 14:55…
    I guess they were trying to go in a darker direction, overall. The one they went with is almost reminiscent of LeChuck's revenge, albeit a bit grimier.