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Steve Purcell entombs, Bill Tiller intones

24 Nov, 2010, 02:11 | Posted by: Jason
Steve Purcell's newest addition to the official Sam & Max blog is a large version of a cover painting he did for the animated series DVD release. After revealing that it includes "two levels of obscurity," readers in the comments got to work, and soon discovered was a "Spock photon torpedo coffin with our favorite Geek's last name inscribed." Is this the final fate of the much-maligned Geek?

Elsewhere on the internet's Mt. Olympus of LEC adventure legends, Bill Tiller updated the Autumn Moon blog, explaining with no shortage of detail (or references to Night Gallery) exactly why Mona, with her fancy-pants bat transformation powers, couldn't just fly away from Castle Warg and halve A Vampyre Story's playtime. Don't eliminate higher education from your day!

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