Stemmle Comments on Sam & Max's 3D 10 Feb, 2004, 15:48 / 5 comments

Over at the Unofficial Sam & Max site, Mike Stemmle has written in to explain a little bit about the 3D in the upcoming Sam & Max Freelance Police:
For the record, Sam & Max Freelance Police uses an honest-to-George real-time 3D renderer. Its ?so-pretty-it-must-be-pre-rendered? look is achieved via a precarious balance of shaders, bump maps, lightmaps, and a little thing we like to call ?sweet, sweet lovin?.?
He says other things too, and some of its about naked midgets, so you should check it out at Sam &


  • neilka on 11 Feb, 2004, 16:36…
    It's Spring 2004 already, isn't it? Isn't it? ISN'T IT?!?!?
  • guybrushthedwarf on 10 Feb, 2004, 19:10…
    I'm waiting for this evolution till EMI was announce in the first place as a 3D game.
    Damn! that could add so much to the game if they create a like Mafia's city at a smaller scale.
  • Kingzjester on 10 Feb, 2004, 19:02…
    Mmm.... yeah... We should castrate him if he's lying, though.
  • telarium on 10 Feb, 2004, 16:33…
  • Gabez on 10 Feb, 2004, 16:28…
    Sounds good to me! Seriously can't wait for this game.