Steely Dan: Remo in the Years 20 Mar, 2007, 06:58 / 2 comments

I have no idea what the headline means either, I've simply got Can't Buy A Thrill on in the background.

Dan Connors interviews are always informative, usually with a snippet or two of new information each time one is published.

You can read the Chris Remo Shacknews special about how Sam & Max is selling. You can read about Telltale's console plans. You can read about the areas that will be improved in Sam & Max season 2.

Where? Right here, of course, at Shacknews.


  • Gabez on 21 Mar, 2007, 02:04…
    "Best headline for 2007."

    We have a winner!
  • jp-30 on 21 Mar, 2007, 02:32…
    LOL. I'm sure it will be topped.