Star Wars Features Galore.... Maybe 24 May, 2002, 07:03 / 0 comments

IGN have posted some lovely new Star Wars Galaxies Screenshots and an 8mb Movie. Not only that but if you are a member of the IGN insider, you can check out This preview
We of course tried to prod any information we could out of Raph on the role of the Jedi in the game, but his lips were pretty tight on the subject. He did tell us that Jedi will be extremely, extremely rare, and each path to obtaining Jedi enlightenment will be different for every player, but he wouldn't give us any clues as to what that path may be. However, he was willing to spill the beans and let us know that, although powerful, Jedi will be hunted down by Darth Vader, who may even send the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett after your ass.
They Also have a preview of Bounty Hunter, this time thankfully not as part of their subscription service, and Gamespot have a write up of Knights of the old Republic. Alternativley you could check out He-Man for GBA.... or my hero Mr. T!