Star Wars Battlefront III fun continues 21 Jan, 2009, 12:30 / 2 comments

Not that anyone here cares about the game, but hey - insane rumour-mongering is fun!

Star Wars Battlefront III, the third game in the best-ever-selling SW game series, was originally down to be developed at TimeSplitters creator Free Radical... before they forced to shut their doors. Then it was rumoured to be at Aliens Vs Predator developer Rebellion, but they're apparently only doing the PS2 version.

While they're petitioning Lucas "Blood From A Stone" Arts to take over on the 360/PS3 version too, now it's being reported that the game is back at original developer Pandemic... who were bought by EA last year.

If this is correct, it would mean some very strong ties going on between EA (who own Star Wars: The Old Republic developer Bioware) and LucasArts (whose boss is ex-EA and seems determined to run his new company into the ground). On the other hand, it's probably not true anyway. LucasArts doing something lucrative and obvious to the rest of the gaming world? The very idea!