Star Wars: Battlefront? 29 Nov, 2003, 00:30 / 2 comments

Acccording to this post on's forums, the latest EGM claims that next month they'll have a huge blowout feature on "Star Wars: Battlefront." Also, LucasFilm recently registered ""

The TFN post continues, mentioning recent rumors posted on IGN and friends (which I admittedly can't find) that a Battlefield 1942-esque online Star Wars game is in development for PS2, and suggests (probably correctly) that Star Wars: Battlefront is what those rumors refer to. Thanks to jp-30 in our forums for the tip.


  • jp-30 on 29 Nov, 2003, 15:50…
    There's a tiny bit more info when the news first broke as a rumour a few months back;

    Another thread at

    This just in from several rumor mills and from the newest Offical Playstation Magazine:

    Star Wars: Imagine The Battle Of Hoth.. But everything on the battlefield has a real person behind it, playing online with his or her PS2. This may be a pie-in-the-sky idea, but there are strong rumors that a Battlefield 1942-esque game is in the works for PS2.

    And it cites a good source...
  • Marek on 29 Nov, 2003, 12:43…
    If this is an external project, I think I like it. This is something that hasn't been done with the SW universe yet.