Star Wars 1313 Animations Given Light 09 Feb, 2022 / 0 comments

Everyone watching the latest in Star Wars on Disney+? Are you all caught up without any more Boba Fett to watch? Why not checkout some Star Wars 1313 demo reel animations that were uploaded to Vimeo a mere two to eight years ago? Mojo (and other news sites) were apparently just waiting for the right moment.

Over on James Zachary's Vimeo page, he announces that he directed the in-game animation for Star Wars 1313 along with running the motion capture performances and the actual animation pipeline for the game. For a game from "a long time ago..." I would say that the graphics on the more final rendered videos sure look good.

And maybe I'm just jealous that I wasn't the news poster to post about the Maniac Mansion claymation model from the Nintendo Power cover, so for more of a write-up on this, you can perhaps read Kotaku - Canceled Star Wars Game Footage Teases Boba Fett Bounty Hunting Action.

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