Spend lockdown making LEC papercraft 23 Apr, 2020 / 5 comments

When we're not stirring up controversy over resurrected Star Wars games the Mojo staff love nothing more than to relax with some good old handicrafts. Right now Jason is reaching the end of his Ozzie Mandrill knitting pattern and Remi has almost completed the tie-die swordmaster tshirts for his Etsy shop.

Its fortunate, then, that papercraft-maker Ninjatoes has created free papercraft models for EMI era Guybrush and Manny Calavera.

Find them and many more over at his blog.

Source: Ninjatoes' Blog



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    Jason on 25 Apr, 2020, 11:00…
    What unexpected but welcome love for GrimE character models. He/she got them really right.
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    Scummbuddy on 24 Apr, 2020, 02:08…
    Wow, I haven't been this excited about EMI Guybrush since when LucasArts first announced EMI.

    That Manny is perfect!

    Definitely will be spending some time building both of these gorgeous models to stand next to my game boxes.
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    LuigiHann on 23 Apr, 2020, 22:59…
    Wow. I definitely went through a serious papercraft phase a decade or so ago, and I'm certain this was one of the sites I printed from periodically. Crazy and cool that they're still around.

    If people are overwhelmed by the complex models, I recommend checking out some of the stylized simplified models at Cubeecraft, also a longstanding institution:
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 23 Apr, 2020, 22:57…
    I can't keep up with all this news. The world's gone crazy!
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    Remi on 23 Apr, 2020, 21:38…
    Benzo is back!

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