Spend an hour listening to Skunkape’s finest talk lactating lagomorphs 01 Apr, 2021 / 1 comment

Dan Connors and Jake Rodkin of Skunkape were the featured guests on the latest episode of the Retronauts podcast, in which they tell war stories both about making the original Sam & Max Save the World as well as the excellent remaster. There are a lot of good anecdotes here, including how Steve Purcell vetoed a lactating Max and an intended Salmon Mack origin story in Season 2.

It’s really an excellent conversation, and not just because of the multiple Mojo shoutouts. Though that does make it a contractual obligation.

Source: Retronauts


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    Scummbuddy on 02 Apr, 2021, 13:27…
    "I think I can live without lactating lagomorphs, Stan."

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