Snuggle Up To Tiller's Smuggle Truck 18 Jan, 2011 / 4 comments

Touch arcade is reporting on the forthcoming release of the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/web game 'Smuggle Truck' a side scrolling physics based driving game where you have to stop your cargo of illegal aliens/stowaways/kidnapped hostages/extended family members [Note to self: delete as applicable before going to press] from flying out of your truck.

What sets this new Owlchemy Labs title apart is that Autumn Moon's Bill Tiller has been hired to redo the art from scratch. The game started out as an entry to a 48 hour game creation contest, where all the games had an Immigration theme.

The game also features a full level editor, and there's a contest to get your own likeness as one of the cargo into the game by using that editor to design your own level prior to the game's March release. Check out the Owlchemy Labs website for more details, or watch the below clip.


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    Shmargin on 29 Jan, 2011, 04:27…
    It's BOARDERline offensive, is a way thats fun to play!
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    Jason on 19 Jan, 2011, 01:18…


    So he's doing freelance work now?

    Gotta pay the bills somehow, I suppose!
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    Ascovel on 18 Jan, 2011, 22:02…
    It has that Full-Throttlesque vibe to it.
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    black_sheep on 18 Jan, 2011, 20:53…
    So he's doing freelance work now?

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