Skybound talks Telltale 11 Oct, 2018 / 3 comments

Fresh off agreeing to help finish season four of The Walking Dead, Skybound talks some smack* about Telltale. Of interest:

“We are doing our best to take care of the people,” he said. “Our intent is to work with the original team but there are a lot of moving parts. I don’t want to get into the specifics around the deal itself, but I will say this: We are doing everything we can to do right by the people making the game. There’s not a huge upside for the corporate entity of Telltale Games.

Translated: They’re doing what TTG should have done during a difficult time of layoffs. More to be found over at Variety

* Smack might not be talked.

Source: Variety



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    Jennifer on 13 Oct, 2018, 00:30…
    It's good news for the Walking Dead staff. And I'm glad that Skybound is going to be treating them better than the stressful workplace conditions they worked under Kevin Bruner's management.

    I really hope the rest of the Telltale staff finds good jobs in a decent working environment as well.
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    AlfredJ on 11 Oct, 2018, 18:55…
    Damn, that last sentence.. Good on them.
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    Kroms on 11 Oct, 2018, 15:33…

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