Show Tasha your love 09 Jan, 2009, 23:03 / 5 comments

Poor Tasha. So young, and already on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady.

Poor, poor Tasha. Oh but we love her so (seriously her comics are rad once you get the feel for them). So to make Tasha feel love by humans and/or bots, you should probably vote for her game to win the Best of Casual Gameplay award at Jay is Games. The game is called Tasha's Game, and it involves the Double Fine Action Staff, tentacles (yeah!) and cats.

Vote vote vote! Get off your ass and vote*.

*(Preferrably sung to the tune of "Ole Ole Ole".)


  • Ascovel on 10 Jan, 2009, 20:45…
    This is a confusing game. When I played it a few months ago I was convinced that the main character was a guy. Mr Peterson on the other hand looked quite female.
  • Jeo on 11 Jan, 2009, 14:10…
    Read Tasha's comic and all the confusion will be cleared...
  • Ascovel on 11 Jan, 2009, 15:27…
    Yes, I did after reading this very post. And then all became clear.

    Damn, this game would be even more fun if I had been reading them beforehand.
  • Ascovel on 10 Jan, 2009, 19:42…
    OK. I voted!
  • Kroms on 10 Jan, 2009, 20:22…
    I just noticed something. The game title changes every time.

    Tasha's Odyssey.
    Tasha's Craft Karate Chronicles.
    Tasha's Legendary Karate LX.
    Tasha's Kool Misadventure Extreme.

    Oh God, that's so hilarious!