Sell your soul to Zuckerberg, get biannual A Vampyre Story updates 01 Apr, 2021 / 1 comment

Did you know that Bill Tiller irregularly offers updates on A Vampyre Story’s future, but you just never hear about it because he hides them on Facebook?

It’s true! On the A Vampyre Story Facebook page – the only web presence for the property that appears to still be standing - Bill will make the occasional post and engage with fans in the comments. Here’s a reference to AVS 2 from last summer which, okay, isn’t that recent, but still a lot more recent than the last reference to the series’ future that I was familiar with, and I’m on active lookout for them:

Those with a long memory will recall that Bill used his favorite platform to announce that he regained the rights back in 2019, so the fact that he’s still keeping the dream alive as recently as nine months ago is, well, better than nothing.

And I don’t care if it’s not season appropriate -- I’m also taking this moment to share the Autumn Moon Halloween 2020 card Bill posted on Facebook that I never knew existed because it was posted on Facebook, god dammit.

Help us help you, Bill. Listen, I can blackmail Remi into paying the hosting for, if that’s the issue. Don’t worry, he can afford it after selling all those non-fungible tokens for The SCUMM Bar. I know: the guy's shameless.

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    Kroms on 01 Apr, 2021, 18:42…
    I've been thinking that a remaster of the first one, if he ever gets the funds, would be good. Maybe some rewrites, as jokes do tend to go on too long.

    But yeah, I hope he gets to make a second one! (Maybe one where the story is condensed to conclude; even a serialised story needs to work in chunks.) And to have an official outlet for news.

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