See The Storyboard Intro Of A Vampyre Story: Year One 01 Jul, 2013 / 3 comments

The Kickstarter for A Vampyre Story: Year One was unsuccessful, but Bill Tiller has restated his plans to develop the game regardless.

Even better, as a show of gratitude for the fans who did chip in on the Kickstarter, Mr. Tiller has posted Paul Mica's storyboard for the opening sequence of A Vampyre Story: Year One. And, it's available to everyone, so even those who didn't back can see it by clicking here.

Also, those of you who really wanted to purchase some of those A Vampyre Story themed items that Bill was planning on having made for the Kickstarter don't have to worry. He plans on having some of those made, and selling them through an online store with a Paypal option.

Finally, the old Autumn Moon website will finally be getting an overhaul this summer. Hopefully that includes the forums as well, since they're currently populated by a bunch of spambots.

Oh, and sign up for the A Vampyre Story: Year One mailing list if you're interested in following its development. Or just read Mojo, since we'll likely be shamelessly copying and pasting the e-mails posting about the game's development here as well.



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    Thrik on 03 Jul, 2013, 20:35…
    So Tiller is actually going to go ahead and sink whatever remaining funds he can muster despite virtually universal indifference to a prequel to a game that was never particularly popular in the first place? Can he not take the hint?

    Jesus. I really wish he'd just accept that it's a damp squib of an IP and come up with something more viable. And also get some kind of marketing/PR partner like many successful Kickstarter campaigns do.

    It's easy to point to things like a lack of coverage and bad timing, but I think the reality is this just isn't a game pitch anyone wants and it genuinely saddens me that Tiller is potentially going to ruin himself professionally if not personally over making it.
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    Jason on 01 Jul, 2013, 15:51…

    Jones Jr

    Here's hoping that placates Luke enough to call off the goons.
    Fingers crossed for you Jason!

    There's no unbaking a cake, brother.

    - Ghost of Jason
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    Jones Jr on 01 Jul, 2013, 11:10…
    Here's hoping that placates Luke enough to call off the goons.
    Fingers crossed for you Jason!

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