See Jurassic Park in action 19 Feb, 2011 / 5 comments

Wanna see, like, a full fifteen minutes of gameplay footage of Jurassic Park with commentary by Joe Pinney? Giant Bomb is able to provide just that.


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    Scummbuddy on 20 Feb, 2011, 16:15…
    When the dad and the found woman fail to make it to the shed, I busted out laughing with how awseome-ly gory that shot was. Well done TellTale. I really will be doing what you think, trying the game perfectly, and then once through failing on purpose.
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    Lagomorph01 on 20 Feb, 2011, 12:46…
    Even with the people talking over it. I can already hear the bad overcompression on the voices.
    Check 06:45 where the girls rambles some numbers.
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    Jeo on 19 Feb, 2011, 20:18…
    Now this video got me interested. I like it when developers try new things with adventure games, be it simple streamlining of the mechanics or trying to evolve the whole genre. Heavy Rain was an interesting experiment and it would be great if those ideas were refined even further.
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    Fealiks on 19 Feb, 2011, 15:23…
    I saw this on Giant Bomb yesterday. Not sure what to think about the Heavy Rain similarities... It also seems like it'd be pretty easy for Telltale to fall into the trap of padding the gameplay with quicktime events.
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    elTee on 19 Feb, 2011, 14:52…

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