Second KOCS trailer by the end of the week? Update: No 19 Mar, 2008, 17:28 / 2 comments

This is kind of weird, especially since we just got a report that Paramount is prepping a new Indy4 trailer for next month, but Yahoo is saying that we're going to get a second trailer this week. Kinda peculiar, but hey, I'm not complaining if it's true.

Update: Empire Magazine got in touch with LucasFilm and apparently the news is incorrect. The next trailer is still a month or so away. Honestly, not too surprising.


  • Lewis on 19 Mar, 2008, 21:26…
    I don't know if it´s a good thing to see this much amount of trailers. Usually some films puts out 3 trailers and if you see the all 3, you saw the hole movie already. So, if I really want to see this movie (and will be with all my heart), I think, I would like to see on the cinema every thing for the first time. Because, sometimes I see some trailers of the movie I want to check out, and go to the cinema, I already know some scenes and lines of the dialog.
    (Or maybe I´m being crazy and paranoid about this subject) LOL!
  • xChri5x on 19 Mar, 2008, 18:55…
    Maybe we'll see dem aliens!!!