ScummVM Wins "Best Emulator" 29 Jan, 2003, 12:12 / 2 comments

The ScummVM website was updated yesterday to announce that they've been voted Best Emulator at the Linux Game Tome site.

Aside from that, they've updated to remind everyone that Curse of Monkey Island support is coming along nicely (which, I must admit, is especially exciting for Mac users), and gave a quick roadmap for the next few months of development, including Maniac Mansion and Loom EGA support. To check out their current progress you can always download a daily snapshot build, or get the source and compile your own.


  • Paco on 29 Jan, 2003, 14:35…
    Congratulations! ScummVM rocks.
  • QueZTone on 29 Jan, 2003, 13:01…
    congrats! well deserved!