ScummVM Now Supports a Picnic Basket Full of Games 27 Jul, 2012 / 3 comments

ScummVM, the Sentimental Community Undertaking Maintaining Marvelous Visionary Masterpieces, is now at 1.5.0 with the release of "Picnic Basket".

Along with the 2D LucasArts adventure games, most 2D Humongous Entertainment games, and countless others, the new release supports another Humongous Entertainment game: Backyard Baseball 2003.

It also has new support for other games that don't fall under the Mojo banner: Blue Force, Dreamweb, Geisha, Soltys (including an English translation for the first time), and the children's games Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon, Magic Tales: Liam Finds a Story, Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage, and The Princess and the Crab.



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    Shmargin on 27 Jul, 2012, 15:54…
    Now I can FINALLY play The Princess and the Crab!
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    Ascovel on 27 Jul, 2012, 14:46…

    That's an unexpected, but really awesome inclusion.
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    Jason on 27 Jul, 2012, 13:26…
    Hey wow, never noticed that they support the Hugo trilogy. I wonder when they'll get around to doing that Around the World in 80 Days graphic adventure I played as a kid?

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