ScummVM 0.6.0 Released! 16 Mar, 2004, 01:57 / 8 comments

Everybody rejoice, a new ScummVM is here, and it is full of classic adventurey goodness. Who needs Sam & Max 2 anyway, eh? We've got all these other games that LucasArts decided to actually publish instead of unceremoniously can, so we might as well enjoy them properly with our modern computers and up-to-date operating systems.

New LucasArts stuff in the latest ScummVM release:<:MORENEWS:>
  • Full Throttle is now actually supported, including the Old Mine Road fighting sequences, and the destruction derby sequence.

  • The original, really blocky and ugly versions of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken are now properly supported. This means that you can now play the version of Maniac Mansion that was included with Day of the Tentacle. However, you can't play it from within DOTT yet, you have to add it to ScummVM as a separate game.
Also in this release is a new and improved user interface which, while still ugly and green, allows you to change the graphics settings and things without manually editing the config file, or resorting to a program like the excellent Quick & Easy. ScummVM 0.6.0 also supports both Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2 now, and on their downloads page they've provided alternate versions of the games' video cutscenes, which are recompressed to work with ScummVM.

Lately, major ScummVM releases have included bonuses, and this release is no different. As a special treat, the classic adventure game Flight of the Amazon Queen has been released as freeware, and is fully supported by the new versions of ScummVM. So, if you've been looking for something to fill the hole left by the loss of Sam & Max 2, want a new classic graphic adventure to get your hands on, or if you just loved the original and haven't played it forever, get it today.

Download the ScummVM 0.6.0 release binary for your operating system of choice, as well as the games Flight of the Amazon Queen, and Beneath a Steel Sky from the ScummVM downloads page.

If you don't know what ScummVM is, read more at the official website, or have someone in the comments explain it to you, because I've repeated it here enough times already.


  • Guyfrench Threepwood on 23 Mar, 2004, 21:16…
    Thanks a lot for Flight of the amazon queen ! i never noticed the "extras" section in ScummVM.

    I missed it when it released and it became quite lost in Europe.
  • ThunderPeel2001 on 18 Mar, 2004, 14:50…
    Hurrah!!! Flight of the Amazon Queen too!!
  • MRBICKLE on 17 Mar, 2004, 18:56…
    Hooray! Let's play Full Throttle in XP!
  • PirateKingChris on 16 Mar, 2004, 20:43…
    At this time, I'd like to offer myself "orally" to the creaters of this fine program.
  • dcroeser on 16 Mar, 2004, 16:50…
    Hmmm... It appears that my birthday has come early this year. Well hooray for that. A big thankyou to the ScummVM team for all your great work. This is excellent.

  • Bobo Donkey? on 16 Mar, 2004, 05:43…
    I wonder if the new ScummVM? has fixed the conventional memory problems for Amazon Queen. I think I'll download it for myself and see (Oh wait, my CD-ROM drive is on the blink just now. Oh well)
  • Jayel on 16 Mar, 2004, 02:05…
    on an unrelated (or maybe related?) news, they're starting production on Beneath a Steel Sky 2.
    No market for adventure games indeed.
  • Scummbuddy on 16 Mar, 2004, 02:35…
    somebody better tell them to cancel it.... apparently the 'geniuses' at LucasArts said its not a good time, so tell them to save their money and, I dunno, milk Lord of the Rings or something...