ScummVM 0.3.0 Screenshots 07 Dec, 2002, 14:03 / 2 comments

I've monkeyed around with ScummVM 0.3.0 (released yesterday, see story) and taken some screenshots, especially of the user interface, which is new to this release (and will hopefully make it easier for everyone to use ScummVM to play their old games).

Not only does ScummVM let you play many LucasArts classics on modern computers (including Windows, Mac, Linux and some oddballs like PocketPC and Dreamcast), but it supports many newer sound and video settings not found in the original versions, and lets you run games full screen or in a window. Take a look:If none of those descriptions in parentheses make any sense to you, fear not. First, just look at the screenshots, because they're pretty cool, and second, check out the ScummVM Website, the ReadMe, and most importantly the download page.


  • jp-30 on 10 Dec, 2002, 14:38…
    My wife is thrilled! She can finally play Day of the Tentacle again. Thank you ScummVM, you saved my marriage.

    Can you get that funky antialiasing on DOTT? If so how? Via some obscure command line instruction?
  • Bobo Donkey? on 08 Dec, 2002, 05:03…
    Those are some quite impressive screenshots Jake. I wanna know something though. Where do you get the VGA (256 colours) version of Zak McKraken from? Do you download it? If so then tell me where to download it from.