ScummVM 0.12.0 released! 31 Aug, 2008, 21:40 / 0 comments

After a little over a month of beta testing, ScummVM 0.12.0 was finally released to the public today.

Head on over to the official site to grab a copy!

Support for five new games, including Kyrandia books two three, has been added. The following changes and improvements were done to the SCUMM engine part:

  • Rewrote parts of Digital iMUSE, fixing some bugs.
  • Rewrote the internal timer code, fixing some speed issues in e.g. COMI.
  • Improved support for sound effects in Amiga version of Zak McKracken.
  • Added support for mixed Adlib/MIDI mode in Monkey Island 1 (Floppy).